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Send us an email at to discuss service options further and inquire about custom solutions!  

Prestige Memorabilia provides an evaluation service for tennis memorabilia and autographs. We provide our professional opinion using our years of expertise and massive database of authentic exemplars of known-authentic autographs and memorabilia. Items authenticated will come with a letter and unique hologram number stored in our authenticity database and later added to our NFT blockchain. 


Want List

What tennis memorabilia do you collect? What items are you searching for? At Prestige Memorabilia we help collectors find the coveted items missing from their collection. With our vast network of collectors, there's a good chance we can get exactly what you're looking for. 


Collection Management

​We leverage our extensive industry knowledge, established networks, and auction partnerships to evaluate, authenticate, and market your memorabilia. Our forensic photomatching expertise ensures authenticity, maximizing value and buyer confidence.​ Utilizing our unique platform, we can reach a global audience of passionate tennis fans and collectors. We handle all aspects of the sales process, including secure shipping and insurance, to ensure your items achieve their maximum potential. Additionally, we can help you leverage your memorabilia for charitable purposes. A portion of each sale can be dedicated to a cause of your choice, enabling you to create a lasting legacy.

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